san francisco ferry building

ever since i began to shoot digitally, i have been fascinated with the rapid feedback & rewards from a long exposure with night lights. but i can show you film negs from the 80’s where i was doing the same in 6th grade photography class.

i began to get better at it. an ability to determine which lights would work better than others. wether there was too much ambient light so as to produce less-than-blacks. i was inspired by clickybd and the terrifying crazy camera tossers.

but i came to learn that my style, to coin a terms from clickybd, was called “kinetic photography”

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this is far & away one of the better shots from the study.

thanks bruce!


bruce, out of frame camera left, kept buying these blue suger shots for the entire bar all night long.  while it wasnt packed, there were a cool bakers dozen in there.  and he bought about 7 to 10 rounds.  nice guy.  big guy.  someone mentioned me might have played pro ball.

and while the video doesnt go there…
funniest. bartender. ever.

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staring at the sea


something washed over jude as he was once again lead down linden towards the beach.  he’d been a rockstar all day, letting us cook our fixins for a belated turkeyday.  so with bird in oven, 2 families strolled down to the water where jude settled into his ritualistic meditation of staring at the sea, followed by running up & down her shores.

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