found LEGO ring

device is a ring about 18-20 inches in diameter, perhaps 12-14 inches tall.  wide enough to mate with and fit over an average bucket.  so, you place the ring over a good sized bucket.  lets say vanilla 5-gallon.  to the side, you place the receiving bin.  on the rings key pad, you punch in the 4-digit code for the model you want to re-build, and hit the 2×4 “POUR” stud.  the device has fans.  they spin up, then fast, then settle into a low hum b-flat vibrate against the bucket.

the pour begins.  LEGO of all sizes and circa are poured en masse directly into & thru the ring.  hundreds of spielbergian jungle peices and bounty hunter bits from the outer rim territories all fall through the ring.  pops & snaps of the blowers compete with the rattle & din of bricks hitting bottom bucket & filling.  with the chaos of a trickling faucet, your side-bin slowly starts to fill with the shapes & colours called for by the original instructions.

the ring is fitted with a high-speed camera capable of 1000’s of frames per second.  based on the 4-digit code entered, the camera knows which peices to look for and which to let pass.  those from the LEGO manifest are identified by the camera & immediately blown into the side-chute recepticals by a concentrated blasts of air.