my bloody valentine :: loveless

You’ re hereby strongly encouraged to get one ping down & pull up LOVELESS on Rhapsody. Listen to it only once.

Note the polyaural textures of fuzzy tremolo and crisp chord progressions.

Pay attention to the meandering on SOMETIMES.

And the reverse low altitude fly-bys on TO HERE KNOWS WHERE.

The mock intro to which is really the outro to TOUCHED, and how the mock intro to LOOMER which is really the outro to ONLY SHALLOW, thus tying their strong structure (for me anyway) to The Beatles’ song-strings on ABBEY ROAD. Fuck you ALL they CANT be played out of sequence.

And keep in mind the bridge on SOON is what dragged me into the old ROUGH TRADE on Haight that stony summers day in 1992 whereupon, it could be said, my mind was blown and nothing was ever to be the same.

For soon thereafter, it was the MBV sound that introduced me to the EXCURSIONS IN AMBIENCE series, which in effect was an acid-fueled mental mosh-shove into THE ORB, which coincided with my move to Venice & subsequent envelopment into PORK.

It all started with LOVELESS.

Nothing short of a SMITHS reunion could loft this anticipation higher.