is cloverfield godzilla?

from kevin:
Godzilla was released in 1998 starring Mathew Broderick. 
Could this be a remake (already)?

Whether there is still wind in the sails of the Godzilla franchise is certainly debatable.  Audiences love these films despite their predictable endings.  We flock to watch monstrosities go to town on large cities – where there is a clear unambiguous villain, but where Man is ultimately to blame.

However, JJ Abrams has a tendency to leapfrog the next level an instead take convention and formula to a place viewers have never been.  And once there, his viewers are never quite sure where they are let alone where this thing is going.  His craft is one of directing viewer attention inward, plunging them onto incredibly intricate plotlines.  We end up distracted away from our normal cinematic instincts towards predictability (of endings) and technique (visual effects).

In doing so, he may just re-invent the almighty monster picture, much the same way he’s re-invented science fiction episodic television.

Lots of people not talking.  Only thing people know for sure is that nothing – NOTHING – this big in that town has ever been kept so well under wraps.  There are big production shoots uncovered on both coasts confirmed to be JJ Abrams’ doing this film.  Across the board, each member if the crew, when asked, mentioned it was a production for a cheese commercial.  Nothing makes sense.  No clue ties in with any other clue.  I’ve stopped monitoring the blogs because of how far-fetched the clue analysis has gotten.  Its impossible to suss-out salient points due to this signal-to-noise ratio.

But if you’re interested, I have found SLASHFILM to be about the best repository of creditable rumor, non-news and leaks about the film.