on the subject of a high profile bachelor party in either Las Vegas….. or New Orleans for JazzFest.


ok, YOU know – and everyone herein knows – that EITHER of these geographic choices will afford [GROOMS NAME REMOVED] (and us) a night or 3 we’ll not soon forget. But something is also telling me that the overall expenditure to get our asses out to Vegas, laid-up in a nice hotel, 2 nights at Crazy Hor$e, knocked-up with good junk for 2 to 3 nights, bail money for [GROOMSMAN’S NAME REMOVED], gambling juice, and all the other criteria that you OWE Vegas… after all THAT is said & done… i am thinking a flight down south to the god DAMN panhandle of the MISS… to shake mine and all a y’alls’ asses for 3 straight days of thick boozy JAM JAZZ… might just be the single BEST itinerary that MOST of us find the sexiest.

I dunno. many its just me. But if we’re going to loft [GROOMS NAME REMOVED] up as high as we can, and see him off to the nether-region with memories he’ll NEVER be able to communicate to another human being who wasnt there… i mean, if thats why we’re doing this… then shouldnt we paint a masterpeice?


cork the wine, maan. just finish this glass and cork that shit up.

cousins debut & cough drop

ok, thats ONE string of words that has never before been uttered together in the english language. I suppsed none of y’all landed here after a google search now did you?

first, the cough: ITS GONE!

thats right. the past few weeks have been wonderful for baby jude. he’s not so much as made a hiccup that wasnt a direct result chuggin too much hooch out of his sippy. there is another elements of the spectrum of conditions that has seemed to taken roost elsewhere:

no more runny nose. he would *always* have these 2 moss-coloured snakes running down his upper lip. and he had this built in hanky-radar where he’d sense you were going to come at him to pipe it off. between his nose and my sinus infection(s), we’d go thru cubes of kleenex faster than logic thru a Red State.

so, we’re more or less out of the ‘guarded’ stage and well into the acceptance phase of: this is how living with a normal healthy child is supposed be. he’s not due for another dose of Doctor Dow until on or around his 24th month i think, june 2005. lets hope thats the next time…

and on another brilliant note, my cousin Andy Alexander and his beautiful wife Rachael gave birth to two outstandingly healthy babies: William Griffith and Calle Joanna. 6lbs/9oz and 7lbs/2oz respectively. The mighty Isabel now has siblings and Andy has a boy! Their family almost doubled.

I cannot wait for the next trip up to Wah Wah Taysee and No#9, when we’re all there, and the wee ones can once again rule the Alexander Islands.