on the subject of a high profile bachelor party in either Las Vegas….. or New Orleans for JazzFest.


ok, YOU know – and everyone herein knows – that EITHER of these geographic choices will afford [GROOMS NAME REMOVED] (and us) a night or 3 we’ll not soon forget. But something is also telling me that the overall expenditure to get our asses out to Vegas, laid-up in a nice hotel, 2 nights at Crazy Hor$e, knocked-up with good junk for 2 to 3 nights, bail money for [GROOMSMAN’S NAME REMOVED], gambling juice, and all the other criteria that you OWE Vegas… after all THAT is said & done… i am thinking a flight down south to the god DAMN panhandle of the MISS… to shake mine and all a y’alls’ asses for 3 straight days of thick boozy JAM JAZZ… might just be the single BEST itinerary that MOST of us find the sexiest.

I dunno. many its just me. But if we’re going to loft [GROOMS NAME REMOVED] up as high as we can, and see him off to the nether-region with memories he’ll NEVER be able to communicate to another human being who wasnt there… i mean, if thats why we’re doing this… then shouldnt we paint a masterpeice?


cork the wine, maan. just finish this glass and cork that shit up.

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