And walk through the doorway.

We all believe in something. Even if we believe there’s nothing to believe. I’m not interested in telling you what I believe, and trying to make you believe in something. But I’m curious: How do you know what you know? How did you get your beliefs? What is it in the moment? We could know the truth of everything. What does the consciousness know? For just one moment, if we could get it all out, if we could just know for one moment what our consciousness was, is, and where it came from. And get it all out.

What if we could crack through the illusion of linear time, in the same moment? What if we could experience all of history and all of eternity, in a single moment? For this single point in all of eternity, knowing all there is to know, we choose our next thought. This next thought will be the seed for our new belief, our new perception of a new world.

Forgive any resentment. Release any anger. Dissolve any guilt. Refrain my regrets. Accept anything I may be resisting. Love away any fear. And walk through the doorway.

– Unknown