Letter to my Father…


See the attached photo for an approximate location where i think the injury occurred.

Its about 15-20 feet straight out from dock, and about 10-15 to the left. That is where it happened, roughly.

Immediately prior, I was treading water in about 7-8 feet of water, the bottom uneven strewn with large boulders descending rapidly into dark green-black as you go towards Ink Bottle. With goggles i spotted a rock that came up to about 5 feet; enough to stand solid with head out of water. As I paddled legs-first, it was the one stoke I thought would land me on the rock; that’s the one that cut me. So even though i expected to touch rock, no rock can make a slice as clean as this thing was. But whatever it was, its leading edge must have been level with or near the top of the rock. It was highly unlikely my foot descended to the muddy bottom where sharps tend to collect.

My hunch is that it must have been either:
(A) glass somehow wedged & protruding, or
(B) a multi-pronged fishing hook stuck fast into/onto the upper side or top of the rock.

A bottle of Yamazaki if you locate and quarantine the damned item…

s e a n

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