Moments when time compresses or expands or does whatever it does upon a convergence of the senses. In these moments the world and the now are so profound and so close as if never before. We are present here, as our mind is washed clean of the detritus of obligation. We feel a proximity with ourselves and the works of the world around us. We
recall our compression & distractions from previous days in the same routine.

It’s almost always accompanied by music. But for me, today, the convergence was of all five:

Touch, the bask of a late afternoon warm sunglow amidst a shelter from the cold embarcadero wind.

In concert with sound, courtesy of a smart playlist of impossibly emotional music I’d forgotten I owned.

Add in a bit of eye candy that comes with the people watching that 2x shore-leave cruise ships affords San Francisco

And finally, smell. Glorious nose, which begat taste.

The Boont Amber pint I enjoyed whilst I took all this in was prolly my second best beer I’ve ever had. Behind the Lagunitas Pale I had on the ferry when all this realization came due.

Tears in my eyes as I took long deep inhales from the bottle. Realizing that in this moment, I may never have had so accute a definition of olfactory information ever. Followed by a sip & stall of the ale over the back of my tounge, bubbly bong sipping, taking in the little fireworks display behind my closed wet eyes.

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