SPEW :: go back in the chain

created: September 12, 2001

go back in the chain. go back as far as you dare. Try and objectively determine what is broken & how it got that way. Against all better process, attempt not to figger out the WHO and WHAT NEXT. For those notions shall only continue to make this horrible wheel turn & turn & turn ad nauseum. Instead, go back in the chain and try to figger out the WHY. Understand the why, and you will understand the WHAT NEXT. THere is an emprical reason for it. There was a point. “Crazy” people dont just pick targets. They wanted the fucking floor and they wanted undivided attention. So they have it. I’m sure as hell listening. And you know what? I wont be able digest the point of this if the US immediately comes back swinging like some bully not used to being knocked off his feet by an unseen blow. It takes strength to indiscriminantly torch 3rd world countries thay may or may not harbour these “forces of evil.” But it takes a stronger nation to wipe the soot & dust from its eyes and not only listen to, but comprehend the REASONS for why this happened. This was not the first stone cast. THis was, in the eyes of many, a clear retaliation. One that i do NOT agree with. THere were as many alternate methods to send the massage as there are casualties from this one. But some would say that this might be the only thing that America would listen to. SOme would say that this, at the very least, was fire with fire. Taste of our own medicine. Again, I DONT BUY THIS. I just feel it necessary to say publickly, against ALL SEANS BETTER JUDGEMENT, that i’m scared shitless that the US will simply do as they have always done and open fire in general directions. A threshold has been crossed. An opportunity is at hand. This may not come again. At least not without a repeat of yesterday updated for the times, strengthened to break thru even more years of US foreign policy. You’re living in a bubble if you think that what we saw yesterday and the taste in your mouth is something new to the world. I’m nowhere near a school of thought where this was in any way “deserved.” But this was long overdue. I’m more disturbed then i have ever been in my life at the scale of this. Yet whats more, this is not the worst it can get. This can escalate.

Again, go back in the chain and ask yourselves the hard questions. Read your history books, even the ones that US children read. Get the angles & perspectives an event like this deserves. Educate yourselves and realise that history clearly is the only God right now. What happened in peoples lives, or in the course of their nations that they need to do THAT to get attention or get revenge? Go back as far as you dare, for some of the most grevious events on the timeline going backwards are NOT subjective. Rather, they’ve very clear origins. Opinions & national fervor asside, we must not cast another stone. Wrongs need to be righted, and examples must be set. And therein lies the toughest task. We as HUMANS – not american citizens or allies thereof – need to stand down and be as lucid as possible about what will come out of this.

I am not a religious man. And i had no idea i was a patriotic man until that was me sobbing at those images. But I feel it necessary to pray to “something” that would bring about peacefull resolve to this. I pray that not one fucking bullet will be fired in any shade of retaliation for this. I pray that leaders of nations will come together to talk of a peace that will be the most difficult any of us have ever dreamt of. Past grievances will be addressed, and new lines will be drawn. For the current situation is obviously not working. But its not for the US to fix! Our attempts at fixing broken things have, in my eyes, CAUSED the monumental & irrevocable actions yesterday. I have no illusions that heads will NOT roll from this. And yes, I hope they’re the right ones.

I’m fucking ranting now, and beginning to well up again. I don’t have any of the answers I’m requesting you all ask of yourselves. The salve here, for me, is the painfuill process of asking the questions in the first place. It feels the right thing to do – to challenge my patriotism & sense of revenge. For if there is one clear clear thing I feel in all of this: its that the typical US fire “from the sky” reaction is the worst possible one we could ever take. If we do, then we are ABSOLUTELY NO SANER then the humans that flew those planes yesterday. No different.

I fucking scared. I’m scared that its too late. I wish I had more faith. I wish I had at least more hints as to how to express this to you all.

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